Cutting out fragments of a video in VSDC Free Video Editor

It’s quite simple to cut and remove an unwanted fragment from the video. For this purpose select an unnecessary fragment moving blue rectangles on the timeline. For more precision, you can change the time scale using the “Increase/Decrease” buttons or the corresponding slider.

After you have selected the fragment, you can use the “Shift + Delete” hotkey on your keyboard or click the “Cut out fragment” button on the Tools section of the Editor tab. The selected fragment will be immediately removed from the video.

There is one more method to cut video with VSDC Free Video Editor. To use it, click "Cutting and splitting" in object properties or in object menu.

You will see an editor window which enables you to remove fragments from an object. In order to do it, mark the region required for removal and click the "Cut region" button. Then the marked fragment will be deleted and added to the list of deleted fragments on the “Cut Areas” tab. You will be able to restore deleted fragments later, just select the fragment from the list and click the “Remove Area of Deleting” button.

After you have edited your video, click the "Apply changes…" button in the right bottom corner to apply changes to the object. Due to the fact that the duration of the video or audio material will be changed after editing and will not correspond to the duration of the object in the scene, the editor will inform you about it and will offer to set a new duration as per the duration of material.

Please note that the duration of the video or audio material may not correspond to the duration of the object; in this case, depending on selected settings, the video or audio material may:

  • be cut in accordance with the object duration;
  • show the first frame during the set time and then start playing video;
  • play video and show the last frame during the set time.

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.