FREE Video editor Rolls Out New Transitions and Animated Text Effects

Of all effects, there are two categories the VSDC community gets especially excited about: transition effects and text effects. It happens so that the new version brings updates to both categories. In addition, there are new workspace customization possibilities, including optimized file management and the long-awaited markers.

The best part? Most updates are available in the free version. Let’s review them one by one.

Paper burn effect (Pro version)

The paper burn transition effect creates a realistic illusion of a burning piece of paper that reveals the following scene. You can apply it to videos, however, it looks even more impressive when applied to a still image.

Like all effects in VSDC, the paper burn transition is fully customizable. You can adjust the color, size, direction, and intensity of the flame. As an alternative template for this transition, you can select freezing.

The cherry on top? If you activate time inversion for this transition, the effect gets reversed. For instance, instead of a burning piece of paper, you’ll get a piece of paper that is restored from being burnt.

Flow transformation effect (Pro version)

Those who frequently use the Glitch effect, are likely to be excited about the new transition effect called Flow transformation. With this option, the transition from one scene to another is achieved through a fractal-driven image distortion that varies depending on the template you select.

For example, you can create an effect of an object not just being distorted, but falling into a thousand pieces. With the time inversion, you can imitate the opposite process as well: when an object is being put back together from a thousand pieces.

The effect contains 4 main template types with variations. Those who like to experiment will be able to upload their own distortion patterns, customize the distortion, and create a custom transition.

Animated text effects

Finally, VSDC 6.7 includes three animated text effects: Recoloring, Shift position, and Glyph FX. Designed to help you get full control of how text symbols appear in the scene, they enable you to create Hollywood-level intros, scene openings, and captions.

The Recoloring effect allows for changing the color or the level of opacity of text symbols. For instance, by making the letters on the screen appear one after another (switch from being transparent to being non-transparent), you can easily create the popular Typewriter effect, or its inverted “Undo typing” version.

The Shift position effect allows for making text symbols move from one location to another on the screen. The Glyph FX effect allows for changing the appearance attributes of text symbols, such as their size, skew angle, or rotation.

You can apply these effects separately or combine them in a single composition. For example, if you want text symbols to change their color and location at the same time, you can apply Recoloring and Shift position to the same text object.


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VSDC Editor brings a more convenient workspace for creators

In addition to the new effects, the new version of VSDC includes markers and a few additional ways to organize your editing workspace. For example, there are 3 new workspace configurations designed for those who deal with a large number of project files, those who focus on color correction, and those who already enjoy the default editing space but want it to be a bit more organized.

And that’s not all! The Object explorer now includes a search field, so you can quickly find files or groups of files in the project. The Resource window has been redesigned as well. Starting the new version, it enables you to select multiple files simultaneously, export files in groups, and delete those files you’re not using.

Remember to download VSDC 8.2 from our official website, and feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.