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16 May 2023

In the fast-paced era of social media, creators need fast solutions to easily turn everyday footage into stylish videos. To keep up with the trends, VSDC rolls out a set of new visual effects available in one click:

  • Raindrops effect
  • Lens flare effect
  • Bokeh glare effect

Along with this, the VSDC dev team has called on the AI forces, and now you can stylize images using the power of neural networks. Let’s look into all these enhancements in detail.


Lens flare effect

The Lens flare effect has been one of the most popular requests from our YouTube channel subscribers for a while. (By the way, are you our YouTube channel subscriber yet?)

And finally, with version 6.5.1, VSDC delivers. The Lens flare effect is available in the OpenGL category of the Video effects menu.

The Lens flare video effect is perfect for imitating a strong source of light, such as sunlight – located both in the frame or outside of it. It also helps to create a dreamy atmosphere in a video and highlight particular areas or objects in the scene.

When used right, the Lens flare effect can help you achieve a perfect cinematic look.

To ensure the result looks authentic in the video, VSDC allows you to tailor the effect at two levels. You can adjust both the parameters of the light source, and the flares it produces.


Customizable Bokeh glare effect

“Bokeh” comes from a Japanese word meaning "blurred" or "hazy" and describes the character of the out-of-focus areas of an image.

In video editing, Bokeh is a popular effect achieved with a special shooting technique. It involves bright lights in the background that appear out of focus because of the way the camera renders them. As a result, you get a soft blurry background with round or edgy lights shining through.

With the new version of VSDC, you don’t need to recreate the special shooting conditions to achieve this look. The quick effect allows you to overlay the Bokeh glare on a video and customize its parameters including the shape, size, color, and the opacity level.


Raindrops and foggy glass effect

Compared to the Lens flare effect used to imitate a bright sunny day, the Raindrops effect enables you to “change” the weather in the opposite direction.

The effect includes two aptly named modes: “Raindrops” and “Foggy glass”. In practice, you can create anything from the effect of condensate on the camera lens to the effect of heavy rain with droplets freezing right on the glass.

The new effect comes with versatile settings allowing you to control the size and the density of water drops, the speed they are falling with, and even trails left by the raindrops on the glass.


Artificial Intelligence Art Generator

The next huge step toward fast image and video processing is VSDC AI art generator. Powered by neural networks, it is capable of producing artistic interpretations of your shots.

Have you ever wondered what your image would look like if Van Gogh or Munch painted it? Now you can find out! The AI Art Generator is available in the Special FX category of the Video effects menu and includes 20+ presets including mosaic, feathers, flares, fire, starry night, and others.


Polar coordinates effect

Another long anticipated tool we’ve added to the new version is a distortion effect called Polar coordinates. It allows you to create unique circular images by spinning objects around the center of a scene (the pole). You’ll be able to apply this effect to photos, videos, text, and even an audio equalizer.

Download VSDC Free Video Editor

Polar coordinates is available as a type of the Distort effect located in the Transforms category of the Video effects menu. You can apply it in one click and then customize the details. The Polar coordinates distortion is most known for the power to turn panoramic photos into 360º “little Earth” pictures, but there is no limit to how you can use it.


Additional enhancements

In addition to these major updates, VSDC 6.5.1 has received a few minor yet long-awaited enhancements:

  • Starting this release, AMD and Intel video card owners will be able to benefit from a doubled export speed. That makes video production even more efficient for VSDC Pro fans using hardware acceleration.
  • VSDC text editor now supports special characters used by Hindi-speaking users.

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