Editor Projects

The video editor allows opening several projects simultaneously. Each project contains one or more scenes with various objects in them.

Project properties:

Title – the title of the project.

Scenes size – the size of a scene in the project, in pixels.

Width – the width of a scene.

Height – the height of a scene.

Framerate – the framerate of the project. Specifies how many frames each second contains.

Background color – sets the background color of scenes.

Audio settings – specify how the audio of the project should sound.

Channels – specifies the number of channels in the audio track. The "No Audio" option means there’s no sound in the project.

Frequency – the frequency of the audio track in the project, in hertz.

Audio volume – sound volume. You can increase or decrease the volume of all sounds in the project.

This software can be downloaded from Free Video Editor description page.