VSDC Spring Release: Vaster Opportunities for Professional Color Correction and Advanced Animation

With the previous version launch, we’ve initiated a whole series of interface enhancements, both in terms of design and user-friendliness. The show goes on with the spring release focused on making the process of color correction a lot handier and more effective with a new convenient control panel and a number of advanced tools.

Basic effects window introduced

A new panel activated in the View tab brings a completely different way of working with advanced color correction tools. It makes all the color adjustment effects reachable from one processing area allowing users to set required effect levels, select a LUT preset, and work with curves. Not to mention the changes applied to the image are now instantly visible on the working area, and that makes the overall editing process a lot easier and speedier.

New panel with basic effects

RGB Curves added

Experienced video makers are well aware of how intense and time-consuming color correction can be. One of the most helpful must-have assistants, in this case, is a curves tool. It is a versatile instrument making it possible to implement both subtle and significant tonal changes i.e. remap black and white levels, brighten or darken midtones, and match colors between various shots in a sequence. As the RGB abbreviation prompts, you can create adjustments for red, green, and blue channels creating your own stylish look and fixing white balance issues.

Professional color correction - RGB curves

Rotation effects improved

Another touch of the interface user-friendliness policy has been applied to the rotation feature:

  • now you can rotate an object right on the scene using only a mouse;
  • you can also apply rotation along a motion vector while working with the Movement effect;
  • rotation center can be set both according to the absolute and incremental coordinate system.

All these smart words mean that even if you have the trickiest animation idea for a project - say, a boat trip in a rough sea or a comet flight - you will now be able to visualize it in VSDC.

Minor improvements

  • New image formats supported: SVG and webP;
  • Making an object semi-transparent is now possible right on the timeline and can be used for quick blending level adjustment.

Supported vector format SVG

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To download the new version of VSDC Free Video Editor, please proceed to www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor.