VSDC Video Editor Spring Release: Make your Videos Colorful, Stabilized and Faster to Process

April 19, 2017

The spring release of VSDC Free Video Editor is based on the three pillars: operation optimization, adding more adjustment, special and visual video effects and introducing new features, i.e. video stabilization and export for Instagram, much demanded by users.

Speed and optimization

  • The composition operations speed has been increased by almost 20 times and applying the Mask tool is now twice as fast.
  • It has also become possible to upload multiple videos to YouTube, if a project has been split in several files, for example.
  • The video speeding up feature can now make your videos faster up to 100х.

Smoke effects

More visual and special effects

  • Smoke – a special effect that helps create VSDC Video Editor users a smoky look of various intensity levels.
  • Oil Paint – this image filter will help to attach an oil painting masterpiece look similar to that of the popular Prisma app.
  • Color twist – an automatic color correction filter based on toning three basic colors.
  • Sepia and Black-and-white– effects aimed at turning users’ video into classic retro movies.
  • Equalize histogram– a quick way to increase an image contrast for professional photo and video makers.
  • Solarize and Parabolize – these two advanced effects make video image reverse in tone. Dark areas will appear lighter and vice versa.

Oli paint effects

New features at users’ demand

  • Video stabilization.When a video is shot without using any special equipment, or the footage is taken by a drone or a camera attached to a vehicle, there can often be an unwanted movement of the entire frame - jittering.

    Video stabilization effects

    The new video stabilization tool available in VSDC Free Video Editor will turn shaky or jittery footage into a more stable video automatically. According to a cutting edge technology used, the video frames are shifted so as to exclude undesired shaking effects, and any resulting gaps are filled using the information from previous frames.

  • Counter – adding this object to a project will help users insert a timer that can set any time period from days to seconds or even frames.
  • Easy export to Instagram – one more export profile to make users’ short movies more suitable for uploading to the popular network.

Product page: www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor