New Transition Effects, Group Object Editing, Bezier Curves, and More

New transition effects, group object editing, Bezier curves, and updated effect menu

If you’ve been with VSDC for a while, you might have noticed the changes we’ve been gradually implementing to the interface for the past couple of years. Our end goal is to provide a more intuitive, feature-rich workspace for video creators. This time, we’re thrilled to introduce two more innovations: a new effect library format and group object editing. In addition to that, VSDC has received two new transition effects and Bezier curves – the unparalleled technology that allows for modeling smoother animation.

Without further ado, let’s have a better look at the new features.


Paint Brush transition (free)

The Paint Brush transition is a popular effect that imitates brush strokes gradually covering your footage with a coat of paint, or revealing the next scene from under a coat of paint – depending on the direction you select.

The Paint Brush transition comes with the free version of VSDC 6.8 and brings a set of customization tools, such as the ability to change the brush movement direction, stroke angle, brush width, and opacity level. Keep in mind that you can apply this effect to objects too, including titles, shapes, and images. To see more examples, read our dedicated tutorial.


Shattered Glass transition (Pro)

Unlike Paint Brush, the Shattered Glass effect is only available in the Pro version because, by default, it requires hardware acceleration (which is a premium feature) to be activated. As the name suggests, this transition creates an illusion of shattering glass and helps you achieve a strong dramatic effect.

As always, it is within your power to make the effect look exactly the way you want. Using the Properties window, you can adjust the shape and the number of shattered pieces, the type of fracturing, the impact point, and even the impact force – all with high precision.To learn more, read a detailed guide to working with the Shattered Glass effect.


Bezier curve editing

Used in major professional video editing platforms, Bezier curves have become a part of the VSDC toolset. For those unfamiliar with the term, this unique technology allows for easily controlling animation velocity over time and creating smoother transitions. In other words, rather than having the same speed for the duration of the entire animation or transition, you’re now able to adjust the curve and change speed at any selected point.

Furthermore, Bezier curves overhaul the free shape tool, so you can create more complex shapes with less effort.


Group object editing

The following update is designed for those working with a large number of files. Starting version 6.8, group object editing becomes available in VSDC. This means you can select multiple objects on the timeline and change their parameters simultaneously working with them as a group.

Notice that if the objects are of the same type – say, two text objects or a duplicated effect – you can change any parameter in the selected group. However, if the objects in the group are of different types, you can only change common settings or basic settings – the latter case is true if you’re working with shapes, images, and videos.


Effect templates window

Finally, the video effect library has received a major facelift and now can be accessed from the new Templates window. Compared to the old version of the Video effects menu, its key advantage is that the templates can be manually rearranged by the creators. For example, you’ll be able to group effects to your own convenience and drag them from the library directly to the scene.

template window select effect

As a bonus, some effects in the new library have received new templates, and we’re planning to continue their expansion. Plus, you’ll be able to create your own templates and add them to the library for faster, more convenient access. To see new templates, hit the Update button in the bottom left corner.


It's time to download VSDC 6.8

Excited about the new version? Then go ahead and download VSDC 6.8 from our official website. Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send us a direct message on Facebook.