VSDC 8.3 – 100+ New Templates, Key Editor Window, AV1 and Enhanced GUI

Welcome to the latest VSDC update, Version 8.3! We've been working hard and we’re ready to present a feature-packed release for you to discover an exciting array of over 100 fresh free video templates, a long-awaited Key Editor window for keyframe editing, AV1 encoding and enhanced graphical user interface for better navigation and upgrading your editing journey.

VSDC 8.3 – 100+ New Templates, Key Editor Window, AV1 and Enhanced GUI

We're excited to share these features with you and can't wait to see how they elevate your creative projects. Now, let’s take a closer look at each part of this update.

Let’s explore each part of this update in more detail.

100+ New Templates

Over 100 Brand-New free video Templates! They are designed to take your video projects to new heights, offering a wide range of creative possibilities. Our expanded template collection includes stunning gradient backgrounds with smooth color transitions, YouTube presets, basic graphic elements like circles, frames, and shapes, giving your content a professional and polished look. You'll also find dynamic counters for captivating countdowns, statistic displays, or time-related content, as well as progress bars for tracking advancements. Additionally, we've introduced a Template Preview window for your convenience, making the creative process even more effortless. Give your videos a new lease of life with these animated templates!

Key Editor

Keyframes are crucial for creating animated effects, motion graphics and working with color correction. This is a great tool for your video editing experience so we’ve decided to introduce Key Editor window to simplify keyframes editing. For now you can forget about time-consuming window switching and work with multiple objects simultaneously. We hope that these improvements will add to your convenience and empower you to elevate the narrative and visual appeal of your content more efficiently in VSDC 8.3.

AV1 Encoding

In the new version of VSDC 8.3, we have added support for the AV1 codec for exporting in AVI, MP4, WebM, MKV and MOV formats. This means better video quality with smaller file sizes, speeding up uploads and opening up more possibilities for publishing on various online platforms. And the best part is that it's free!

Timeline Layers

In our new version, we have implemented some important changes in timeline layer management to make it more convenient. Now, objects are sorted into layers when pasted, allowing you to set the order of element display on the timeline more precisely. In addition, we've added a convenient feature to paste objects to cursor position, making it quick and easy to place elements on the timeline.

Optimized Navigation

To make navigating easier, we’ve elaborated searching tools in the properties menu of the objects located on the timeline, object explorer and template window by adding the features ‘Find object in…’, ‘Show in folder’, ‘Find resource in…’ . These options are designed to simplify the process for users who need to deal with complex projects consisting of numerous elements. Additionally, ‘Split into parts’ and ‘Cut out fragment’ tools are now conveniently located just above the timeline making the video editing and trimming process more intuitive and efficient. What’s more, we have added new workspace configurations Compact, Parameters, Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve that can easily adjust to resolutions 1360*760, 1600*900 and 1920*1080.

Sprite Management

Previously, it was possible only to convert objects within the scene resolution while working with sprites. In the new version, we have added the option to convert objects within objects resolution, allowing you to preserve all details and effects within the sprite without cropping or losing information.

Discover the Latest VSDC Release

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