How to create moving objects on the scene

Sometimes you need to make video with moving objects: for instance, text, images, shapes or even video. You can easily manage with this task with a help of "Movement" effect.

In order to create a moving object you need to open effects edit mode in this object. For this purpose you may make a double click on the object or to click a tab with object name on timeline:

Add moving effect

Then we add "Movement" effect. You can do it using toolbar:

Add moving effect via tool panel

or using menu "Add object->Movement".

In the open window set start time of effect and its duration and click "Ok". Then indicate a new position of the object on the scene with a help of cursor. This effect will be displayed on the scene as a vector which intercrosses centers of the object in its start and final positions:

Set moving vector

When you fulfill these actions you will get the effect of moving object on the scene. When the movement is over, the object will be displayed in a new position.

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.