Christmas Gifts from VSDC Team: Brand New Interface and Expanded Color Grading Toolset

This Christmas release is focused on the interface enhancements – both in terms of design and user-friendliness. Feature-wise, the long-awaited LUT tool has become the key update of the new version, set to expand VSDC color correction capabilities.

Let’s have a look at all these updates in more detail.

New year, new look

We’ve had enough of ‘VSDC interface is somewhat outdated’ opinions. It’s high time we made changes.

Starting this version, the app will welcome you in a stylish black outfit with white buttons – the new default look of the editor. Meanwhile, those on the light side of force are not forlorn either, as there’s an option to switch the color theme to white. But as tired office workers say, one screenshot is worth a thousand words, so here is how VSDC looks in its new style.

New black theme of the interface

Yet more convenience on the timeline

Now you can minimize the timeline and even detach it from the scene. It might come in especially handy when working with two monitors. From now on, busy video makers and designers will be able to preview the scene on one screen while processing the video on the other. Here is a short demo:

Timeline can be minimized and even detached

New opportunities for professional color grading

Look Up Tables (widely known as LUTs) are technically just a table of numbers that transform colors of an image. But when it comes to video editing, they become one of those magic tools to make your poorly colored video shot look like a major motion picture.

LUT is available in 'Adjustments'

Last but not the least

  • The video preview window has been reworked and enhanced according to the feedback collected.
  • The ability to import 120 fps footage has been added (Ho, ho, ho GoPro users!)
  • Automatic alignment while dragging objects on the scene has been implemented

For any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download the new version of VSDC Free Video Editor, please proceed to