VSDC 8.2 – Proxy File Support, Color Keyframes and Vectorscope

We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated VSDC video editor 8.2 update. Our team has been hard at work, ensuring that this release is packed with exciting features and enhancements to elevate your editing experience.

Meet VSDC 8.2: Proxy file support, color keyframes, vectorscope, and more

The highlights of the new version are Vectorscope, proxy file support, and color keyframes.

Let’s explore each part of this update in more detail.

Color keyframes

Starting version 8.2, VSDC includes a new feature for color correction that allows you to assign colors to created keyframes when working with effects that have a color parameter. Once you apply an effect to an object on the scene, you can add keyframes on the timeline and assign colors to them. The algorithm will then automatically calculate the linear color gradient, ensuring smooth transitions between colors or from one keyframe to another.

Proxy file support

Proxy file support has been added to VSDC, providing improved software performance and smoother editing. This feature benefits all video creators, but especially those working on low-end PCs or editing high-resolution files. With proxy support, you can now create lightweight proxy media copies of your high-resolution videos, which are used during the editing process. This means that all effects and edits are applied to a lighter-weight file, preventing processor overload and software lag. However, when it comes time to export your project, the effects and edits are seamlessly applied to the original high-resolution video.

Resource and effects preview

In the new version, you have the ability to preview resources and effects directly within the Source window. This feature enables you to see how templates and effects will appear on your objects before applying them, helping you choose the ideal effect for your project. Furthermore, you can conveniently preview all available resources in the Source window, allowing you to easily select the required file from a variety of uploaded resources.

Vectorscope histogram

We are excited to introduce a new tool called Vectorscope, which is now available in the Scopes window. The Vectorscope is a circular diagram specifically designed for analyzing color, hue, and saturation levels in an image. Using the radius line of the vectorscope, you can easily adjust the hues that are most appropriate for skin tones. This allows for precise color correction and ensures that the skin tones in your video or image are accurate and natural-looking.

Dedicated audio playback volume window

We have enhanced the timeline functionality by introducing a dedicated audio playback volume window. This improvement enables you to monitor the changes in sound in real time after applying effects and compare them with other audio files. The tool proves to be immensely helpful in monitoring the volume level within your project and achieving the desired outcome.

Text stretching between two curves

In the latest revision, we have introduced an update to the text functionality, expanding its capabilities. Now, in addition to aligning text to a single curve line, you can stretch text between two curve lines. This new feature provides you with complete control over shaping your designs and enables you to create distinct logos, banners, or titles.

Updated Perspective effect

In the updated Perspective effect you can bind your image to tracking points, animate them to create dynamic visual compositions, distortions and transformations.

Audio spectrum object now includes an “echo” parameter

Audio spectrum received a new parameter which helps create an echo effect on the audio wave enhancing the visualization of the sound.

Updated Water effect

This effect has been well known since the first versions of VSDC. Now, in addition to creating raindrops on an image, you can simulate a realistic wave using tracking points.

10-bit compression in AVC and HEVC codecs added

Updated AVC and HEVC codecs now support 10-bit compression. This enhancement brings significant improvements to the color rendition of exported projects, resulting in higher-quality videos.

Parameters can now be edited along either the X or the Y axis independently

Independent editing of parameters along the X and Y axis is an important improvement. You can hold down the Shift key and work on either of the axes separately ensuring precise control over your edits.

VSDC 8.2 is already out

It’s time to download the new version and test it for yourself. VSDC 8.2 is already available on our official website, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

Should you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook DM and Twitter.

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