Erstellen einer Diashow in VSDC: Ändere Videos oder Bilder sequenziell

This operation is often used and may be applied to make a simple change of scenes or even a full slide-show. Our video editor has an embedded "Wizard" which will help you to easily make these scenes. Besides the program allows to automatically create transition effects between scenes on the basis of pre-installed templates. So let’s review in details procedure of making slide-shows.

There are two ways to start making a slide-show: the first one is to make a new project and to choose "Import videos and images" as a type of a new project, and the second one is to click "Run Wizard" in "Editor" tab in case the project is already made. The following window occurs:

Slide-show Wizard

We can see four regions here: a list of transition effect types between scenes, transition effects of the selected type, video player which displays the selected effects or video, and a region with a list of files used for making a slide-show.

In order to make a slide-show you need to add files into a list and to add transition effects between them. In order to add a file you may click "Drag and drop media files here" or to drag and drop the needed files in this position using a drag-and-drop tool. The files may also be added through a menu in a toolbar – you need to click "Add files" and then "Insert files", and the files will be added to the end of the list or to the chosen position accordingly. Upon opening the files will be displayed in the list in the same sequence as for a slide-show:

Slide-show timeline

You can remove or change sequence of files using several buttons on a toolbar. You can change order by dragging a file and dropping it on a new position.

You can also select a file in the list and see how it will look like after slide-show is completed by playing it in a player:

Playing selected video or image file

P.S. To see effects again you need to mark an intended effect.

Duration of image is automatically set for five seconds. But it can be changed. For this purpose mark a file in the list, amend its duration in a toolbar and click "Apply".

You may also remove borders, fragments in video or split video into parts (for example, to make a transition effect between separate scenes of video). You can do it using menu which will be open when you make a double click on an image. You will also see additional settings windows which were reviewed in sections "How to split a file into parts", "How to cut an unwanted fragment from video" and "How to crop borders in video or image".

In order to add transition effect it is necessary to drag the selected effect in position between the files to which it will be applied:

Add transition effect

In order to see how the effect will be performed you need to mark it, and the player will automatically show this effect.

Playing selected effect

P.S. Player automatically plays video upon a click on any object: on an effect in the list of effects, on a file, on an effect applied to files.

You can delete effect through a toolbar or a menu.

After you set sequence of files and added transition effects you need to click "Apply settings". As a result a sprite will be added to the scene (sprite is an object consisted of other objects) which consists of all files which we added and of the necessary effects.

Created slide-show

In order to make a result video you need to export project to any of available formats.

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.