New Transition Addition Methods, RAW/BRAW Files Support and Free Waveform

Welcome to the next level of video editing with VSDC's latest release, Version 9.1! Packed with an array of fresh features and enhancements, this update is designed to make your video editing experience more efficient, enjoyable and creative.

New Transition Addition Methods, RAW/BRAW Support and Free Waveform

We're eager to introduce support for RAW and BRAW file formats, addressing the demand for high-quality video editing capabilities. Additionally, with VSDC 9.1, video editing becomes even more flexible since a long-awaited new transitions addition method is available, making it easier to apply and adjust these effects. Then, for a bit of holiday spirit, we have already introduced 70+ Christmas-themed templates – we hope you've already enjoyed them during the festive season. And the Audio waveform option is now available in the Free version! Do you want to learn the details? Keep reading as we are going to delve into every feature of the new update below.

RAW and BRAW Files Support

Blackmagic cameras developed by Blackmagic Design have become increasingly popular for their high-quality video output and versatility compared to other professional cameras. In response to users’ requests, VSDC has integrated long-awaited support for RAW and Blackmagic RAW (BRAW) files that offer high quality, bit depth, dynamic range and good performance. Now you can easily edit RAW and BRAW files in VSDC by adjusting color grading, applying embedded Blackmagic LUTs or creating your own ones and converting new formats to MP4 or other ones.

New Method to Add Transitions

VSDC 9.1 introduces a new, more intuitive way of adding transitions between files. This update makes this process more efficient, allowing for a smoother workflow: now transition effects can be easily applied to several files at once without numbers of distracting extra tabs on the timeline.

A Brand-New Collection of Christmas Templates

In the spirit of the holiday season, VSDC has added over 70 Christmas-themed models to the template library designed to add that extra touch of holiday magic. Each template can be easily applied to a video and customized to fit your style. The only thing you need is to synchronize with the server, so then you can enjoy this dazzling Christmas collection, perfect for festive greetings or year-end recaps!

Free Audio Waveform

The Audio waveform option can make the audio editing process even more convenient than ever since you can process audio files easily with visual assistance. It may be quite useful when you need to cut out some audio fragments or while applying audio effects. Great news: starting from VSDC 9.1, this option is available for free!

Advanced Audio and Video Codec Settings

Video and audio codec settings at the export stage used to be available for quite a limited number of codecs. Now, video editing just got more flexible with the introduction of advanced codec settings for Video codecs MPEG1, MPEG2, MJPEG, PhotoJpeg, PNG, GIF, SORENSON, FLV, H263, MPEG4, and Audio codecs AC3, MS ADPCM, MS GSM610, AMRNB, AMRWB, OPUS, OGG Vorbis, as well as hardware Mpeg2. This provides users with more control over the final output, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance across various platforms. In addition, Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) has been added to the list of available codecs.

Advanced Audio and Video Codec

Enhanced User Customization and Interface

VSDC has always been about user-friendly customization, and this update takes it a step further. Users can now restore deleted default configurations within the Panes position settings in the Panes manager. This feature enhances workflow efficiency and personalization.

Improved Shift Effect

The Shift effect has been significantly enhanced with the addition of a clipping disable mode ensuring none of your footage gets lost while applying it. Moreover, a percentage offset mode has been added for more precise Shift level setting.

Cursor Position Option on Timeline

Enhancing timeline navigation, VSDC now allows users to use the Cursor position, which is generally available by right-clicking the object on the timeline. Another convenient way to use it is to right-click the time scale area on the Timeline, bringing up the same useful options. This feature improves precision and ease of use in editing, since more and more features are within easy reach.

Standardized File Selection Dialog Boxes

Aligning with the modern Microsoft interface, all file selection dialog boxes in VSDC have been standardized. This change enhances the overall user experience, making the interface more streamlined.

Remembering Cutting and Splitting Window Position

Addressing users’ convenience, Cutting and splitting window in VSDC now remembers its position after closing. Even this minor improvement saves you plenty of time while adjusting the interface to your convenience, so you don’t need to think about trivial matters like this anymore.

Discover the Latest VSDC Release

Any reasons to wait? Try out these new features and experience the enhanced capabilities of VSDC 9.1 firsthand. Whether it's fine-tuning professional projects or just bringing a dash of holiday cheer for a New Year party, we believe you'll find something in this update that will inspire your creativity and streamline your editing process.

As usual, our new update is available on our official website, and if you have any more questions or need a helping hand, our VSDC support team is just an email away at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and don’t miss our educational guides on Youtube.