Introduction and purpose

Nowadays, there are a lot of popular multimedia formats in the world, and each of them is lucky to have its own sphere of using (Video Home System, Internet Video Streaming, Video Editing…) or is specially created for personal multimedia devices.

Some kinds of devices and programs support only those formats that are specially created for them only.

It is common knowledge that there are a lot of multimedia devices (DVD players, Mobile phones, iPod, PSP, Zune, PlayStation, Archos…) and different audio/video data carriers (DVD, Internet, Blue Ray, HDD, Flash USB storage…), that it is quite an easy matter even for an experienced user to face the difficulties while choosing the most suitable one.

And it is really appears to be very complicated, because practically all the devices are created by universal brands, for example, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, that can be called competitors; and the products, they are promoting, sometimes appear to be incompatible not only with each other, but also with PC.

Such restrictions are made because of creating special video formats for particular devices.

For example:

If you are lucky to have a player iPod of the company "Apple", then, in order to play your video file on it, you need to have the file of the next extension: MP4 or M4V , for example, "video.mp4"; in contrast to the mentioned iPod, a media player Zune from Microsoft can play the video files with WMV extension. So, if you have an iPod player, but the extension of the video file is WMV or the other one, different from MP4, M4V, then, it means, that you will not have a chance to view it on your device.


Video Converter is a multipurpose program specially created for working with video files. The program allows you to perform practically all the operations with video.

1) Enhanced system of managing the conversion process gives you an opportunity very quickly and qualitatively to convert video from one format into the other; it is important to mention that there are a great variety of supported video formats and multimedia devices.

By means of our Video Converter, a user can easily save DVD film from a disc on his/her PC, mobile phone or any multimedia device (iPhone, iPod, PSP, Zune, Creative…), or on the contrary, write the video on a DVD disc.

Unique technology of "2pass encoding" allows you to save DVD film on your computer, have reduced its size in 5-10 times; but what is wonderful, that the result video remains to be of a very high quality - it has excellent color rendering with very bright and rich colors, and definitely drown small details even in the very dynamic scenes.

2) With the help of professional "Video Editor" you can do the following: edit the video you want, adding or cutting various fragments (titles or advertisements); save audio tracks from the films in MP3 formats; and many other things.

3) Using "Downloader" you can search or just download your favorite video clips from the most popular Internet video servers: YouTube, MySpace, AOL …

4) Included "Disc Writer" will help you to record the video clips on a disc for the further watching, for example, on a DVD-player.

5) For professional users there is a specially created panel "Profile Editor", thanks to which, you can choose the required characteristics of the result video manually.