Come cominciare a montare il video con VSDC video editor gratuito

Once you have added one or several media files to the program, you can edit them according to your needs. Let’s see how to realize the main editing operations in VSDC Video Editor.

Cutting unwanted parts of the file

You can cut an unnecessary fragment of the video directly on the timeline. Select the fragment moving blue rectangles on the time scale and click the “Cut out” button on the “Tools” section of the “Editor” tab.

For more precision, you can open an additional editor window clicking the “Cutting and splitting” button. Please refer to the “How to cut an unwanted part of a video” article for more instructions on this topic.

Splitting video into parts

Sometimes it is more convenient to divide your file into episodes while editing. To do it open an additional editor window clicking the “Cutting and splitting” in object properties or in object menu.

Here you can place markers in the positions where you would like to split the file and click the "Apply changes…" button. For more details, please refer to the“How to split a video file into parts” article.

Applying video and audio effects

In order to apply various effects to your video or image file, double click the object on the timeline. Then open the “Editor” tab on the ribbon command bar and click the “Video effects” (or “Audio effects”) button to see the list of the available effects. Select the necessary effect and the corresponding object will appear on the timeline.

You can change the effect duration and its position moving with the mouse the object borders on the timeline. You can also configure other parameters of this effect in the properties window.

Please note that if your media files are located within a sprite, the selected effect can be applied to all data in this sprite.

To see an example of an effect applied to the image, please follow this link “How to apply effects to video or image”.

Adding various objects to the video

While editing you may need to add a text, an animation or a geometric figure to your video. In general, the work on these objects is based on the same principles. Select the necessary element from the “Add object” drop-down menu on the “Editor” tab or use the corresponding button on the toolbar at the left side of the scene area.

Configure the object position settings in the opened window and click Ok. Later you’ll be able to change the object position directly on the timeline moving its borders or using the drag-and- drop method. After that, set the object position on the scene. The cursor will take the crosshair form, click the scene area and stretch it in the right direction. You can change the object appearance according to your needs configuring the available parameters in the properties window.

VSDC Video Editor also allows you to:


You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.