Meet VSDC Free Video Editor 6.3.5: new timeline, VirtualDub effects, and Hue-Saturation curve

We stick to our promises to make the editor’s interface a lot user-friendlier and the functionality more apt to all trendy video-making demands. Let’s see what lies beneath this beautiful wording this time: a long-expected timeline enhancement, new effects, and filters from the VirtualDub library, special export profiles for iOS and Android users, and Hue/Saturation curve for advanced color correction.

New color correction tools

In addition to the powerful RGB curve added in the spring release, now photographers and video makers also get access to Hue and Saturation curves. The new tool allows for a more precise and convenient way of making your video image colors more saturate or a bit more faded if needed.

New timeline

Processing a video on the timeline gets more conventional: now objects can be placed in one layer instead of a vertical order, which makes your work more visually comprehensible. Consequently, you can cut and split a series of objects at one go as well as sync your video with an audio track in a more convenient way.

New effects and filters

Starting this version, VSDC Video Editor supports VirtualDub plug-ins. It means that just in a couple of clicks you can download any effect from a large open-source library with more than 200 filters to choose from. To name just a few: multiple deinterlacing options, noise reduction, and cartoonizer instruments.

New export profiles for smartphones

No more pain in the neck if you can’t make up your mind what format will be more suitable for reproducing a video on your mobile. New export profiles for iOS and Android come in handy for users of iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Sony and Huawei.

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