Editor video

Use editor de video gratuito con la interfaz en español para crear y editar vídeos de cualquier complejidad desde una tarjeta para la familia hasta una presentación de empresa. Corte, una vídeo, aplique efectos visuales y de audio, corrección de imagen, haga diapositivas y añada una banda sonora. Utilice Croma Key multicolor y ajustes de los parámetros avanzados para dar su vídeo un aspecto profesional. Todos los formatos más populares son soportados.

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Convertidor video

Convierta archivos de vídeo de un formato a otro. Todos los formatos de vídeo más populares son soportados - AVI, MOV, QT, MP4, M4V, MPEG, WMV, FLV, MKV, RealVideo (RM y RMVB), 3GP y 3G2. Haga su video disponible para la reproducción en cualquier dispositivo.

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Convertidor audio

Convierta archivos de audio de un formato a otro. Todos los formatos y codecs de audio principales soportados. Gestione listas de reproducción y etiquetas meta, extraiga el audio de archivos de vídeo y guarde estas pistas en su dispositivo en cualquier formato.

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Grabador de CD audio

Coja pistas de audio de discos compactos y guárdelos en cualquier formato. Todos los formatos y codecs de audio más populares son soportados. Extraiga detalles de la pista desde el servidor FreeDB para el cambio de nombre de archivo automático y actualización de las etiquetas meta.

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Amplia gama de herramientas de procesamiento multimedia en un solo paquete de software de vídeo gratuito.

High speed

Alta velocidad

Nuestros programas usan algoritmos de alta calidad optimizados para las CPUs de un solo núcleo y núcleos múltiples.



VSDC está disponible gratis para la descarga a PC y portátiles con sistema operativo de Windows.

VSDC 9.2: AI Segmentation Models, 200+ Transitions, VSDC Cloud and New Templates Pack

Are you ready to explore new heights with the latest major VSDC update? Finally, Version 9.2 is here! Packed with groundbreaking features, including the new AI-powered Segmentation tool, this update offers precise object removal, advanced color correction, and a variety of effects to elevate your videos. Plus, our latest innovation— VSDC Cloud Service for storing and sharing your media files and projects.

New Transition Addition Methods, RAW/BRAW Support and Free Waveform

Among other features, 9.2 introduces over 300 new transitions, a pack of customizable wedding templates, long-awaited queued export feature and extended frame rate support. And finally, with the improved Resample effect and enhanced Cutting and splitting window, VSDC equips you with everything you need to produce high-quality videos. Update now and explore each new feature of the latest update below!

Free AI-Powered Video Segmentation

We are happy to introduce our AI-powered Segmentation tool in our latest VSDC release, now available at no cost. Designed to streamline your video editing process, Segmentation allows you to highlight static or moving objects for precise object removal, performing color correction within a particular area, and the application of various effects like censorship and masking—all with a few clicks.

This tool is powered by AI models, available for free download, ensuring smooth and continuous performance: there are four items for you to choose based on their characteristics. AI models give users complete control over the segmentation details, enabling precise adjustments up to frame-by-frame tweaks. Experiment with blending modes for unique visual styles and adjust contours to create eye-catching frozen frames or stylish recoloring effects.

While the Segmentation tool can handle unlimited regions, making it highly versatile, it is resource-intensive. For optimal performance, we recommend using the hardware acceleration feature during editing (but please, note that to access hardware acceleration at the export stage, an upgrade to VSDC Pro is needed). Transform your videos into visually stunning narratives with our new AI-powered Segmentation tool — where creativity meets efficiency!

VSDC Cloud Service

And something brand-new! Introducing the latest addition to our lineup: VSDC Cloud Service! It’s a streamlined file management system that allows you to store, share, and edit your projects and media files directly in the cloud. This not only boosts productivity but also saves valuable space on your device and secures your projects with options for automatic or manual saves.

With VSDC Cloud, you can also optimize teamwork, share and collaborate on files or projects and keep your work up-to-date and accessible from anywhere, enhancing cooperation with easy link sharing and updates.

New Wedding Templates Pack

Great news! We are launching the VSDC Store, your go-to spot for exclusive template packs. And we’re ready to introduce our first collection: the wedding season is in full play, so it is a pack of ready-made high-resolution premium wedding video templates! Each of the 20 high-resolution models is designed to keep your precious wedding memories, all customizable with a variety of options from color adjustments to the extraction of individual elements.

Explore detailed descriptions and previews of each template on the VSDC Store official page, where you can also download the pack directly. Each purchase comes with an instructional video and access to a unique font created by our team available for both personal and commercial use. Ready to try these stunning wedding templates? Visit our download page right now and start creating!

Over 300 New Transitions

You asked, we delivered! Here’s our new transition collection, featuring 13 sets of more than 300 ready-made transitions. Preview them directly in the program before making a purchase, and once you're ready, buy access and activate them using the “Activate template” option. We've also added a section in the VSDC Store where you can preview transitions, read descriptions, and select your desired set. And yes, you can always craft custom transitions in VSDC for free using YouTube tutorials and your editing skills, but this pre-made pack is designed to save you both time and effort. Much better, right?

Queued Export Feature

Working on multiple projects simultaneously? Save time with our new queued export feature! It’s easy to use: just save your projects and then open them in the VSDC Video converter. Adjust profile (that is going to be applicable to all projects) and line up several exports at once. Now, you can relax or turn your attention to other tasks, different from editing. Your exports will process in the background—no monitoring needed!

Subtitles Enhancements

We’ve made working with subtitles much easier: Now you can convert subtitles into editable text objects, allowing you to apply effects and manipulate each text segment individually. Plus, you can add an external contour to your subtitles, adjust its thickness, and use keyframes for dynamic color changes, giving your subtitles a fresh and unique look.

Extended Frame Rate Support

We've expanded support for frame rates in your projects, now accommodating 90, 100, 144, 240, and 300 fps. Additionally, we've extended support for higher resolutions, allowing you to create and export projects up to 8K. But please, note: to avoid unsatisfying results, make sure the framerate of the source file matches the output video to avoid unsatisfying results.

Resample Effect Improvement

We've upgraded the Resample effect by adding flipping functionality and a coordinate center. These new features enable you to create fantastic textures and produce unique visual effects for backgrounds, adding an extra layer of creativity to your projects.

Cutting and Splitting Window

We've enhanced the convenience of the Cutting and Splitting window by enabling you to toggle the display of both the storyboard and waveform. Displaying these features requires your PC's resources, so disabling them can improve your workflow. What's more, this window now remembers your settings, making it easier to work next time without the need for repeated adjustments!

Timeline Management

Improve your timeline management by enabling the "Use Shift to set work area" button in the “Timeline options” to define your work area more conveniently. This feature makes the work area stay in place when you move the cursor along the timeline, unless you press the Shift button — no need to set it once again.

Explore the Latest VSDC Release

Ready to upgrade your editing toolkit? Experience the new features of VSDC 9.2 and see how they can enhance your video projects, from professional endeavors to personal creations. You can download the latest update from our official website. If you need any assistance or have questions, our VSDC support team is readily available at Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.. Also, follow us on Facebook and X for updates, and visit our Youtube channel for practical tutorials and start creating with VSDC!

ai models segmentation

VSDC Segmentation AI Models

The segmentation feature in VSDC is a free tool designed to cut out or highlight static and moving objects in video. By using AI models, it accurately defines the boundaries of one or multiple objects. As a result, you can cut out an object and insert it into another video, perform color correction within its area, draw contours around characters in a Hollywood style, create individual masks, or apply them simultaneously with other editor options to create unique visual effects.

You can choose from 4 AI models:

  • FB-SAM: The standard model, characterized by high accuracy in recognizing objects in static images. However, it is more demanding on PC memory compared to other models and has lower performance.
  • SAM-HQ: The advanced model, which offers more precise recognition of small details. Compared to the first model, it works better with moving objects but also has low performance speed and high memory demands.
  • EdgeSAM: The enhanced model, which requires less RAM and has faster performance, making it suitable for working with long video files on PCs with limited resources. It provides good segmentation accuracy in most projects.
  • MobileSAM: Another enhanced model characterized by fast performance and low PC memory usage. It is a good alternative if EdgeSAM does not meet your needs.
    • Watch the tutorial below to learn how to use Segmentation AI models. Then, download one of them and try it for yourself.


Templates / Wedding templates
Feature 360

360/3D Editor

Convenient preview and editing of your panoramic and VR footage
Feature tracking

Motion tracking

Advanced toolset for attaching any objects, for example, masks, titles, or images, to a moving element in a video
Feature edit the beat

Edit the beat

Syncing any elements of your video, from text to effects, to the beat of your audio
Feature AI Art generator

AI Art Generator

Turning your footage into art masterpieces by neural networks
Feature video effects

Video effects

Quick color correct styles, pro filters, transparency and transformation effects, 70+ dynamic transitions
Feature 4K export


2k and 4k support,adjustable output resolution, framerate, bitrate, video and audio codecs
Feature blending

Blending modes

Modifying the look of your video image according to your preferences with color blending or applying ready Instagram-like filters in one click
Feature masking tool

Masking tool

A choice of different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting certain elements in your video
Feature chroma key


Background removal in an image or a video per one or several colors
Feature waveform


Zoomable audio intensity curve for comfortable professional editing
Feature 3D chats

3D pro charts

20+ customizable chart types including 3D dynamic models
Feature multimedia converter

Multimedia combiner

Conversion into multiple formats and extra apps for your creative work - video manager, dvd burner and screen recorder


Templates / Wedding Pack #1

Wedding pack #1

20 intro templates


Access 20 unique wedding video templates that will help you combine your magical day's memorable moments into one masterpiece, preserving the day forever. Customize each template by adjusting colors, sizes, and animations, and incorporate your favorite elements into the main video.

Design details

Resolution: 3840x2160
File Size: 10.3MB
Text Placeholders: 74
100% Fully Customizable
Colors: Full-Colored
Duration: Up to 15 seconds


Templates / Video Transitions / Push Collection

VSDC Push Collection Pack

24 transition templates


The VSDC Push Collection features a variety of transition templates where one scene element is seamlessly replaced by another, as if being pushed out. With multiple directional options and diverse visualizations, this pack enables smooth transitions where object boundaries blur upon displacement, denoted by either black or white frames or without any boundaries at all.

Key Features

Aspect Ratio: 16x9
Resolution: Up to 4K
File size: 15MB
100% Fully Customizable
Number Of Items: 24

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Nuevas formas de añadir transiciones, compatibilidad con archivos RAW y BRAW y visualización de audio gratuita

Llegó el momento: ¡nos complace presentarles la esperada actualización VSDC 9.1! Las mejoras en la funcionalidad de esta nueva versión agilizarán la edición de video y harán el proceso de edición...

Cómo se colorearon las películas en blanco y negro

¿Eres fan de las películas clásicas en blanco y negro? ¿Alguna vez has sentido curiosidad por saber cómo se verían si estuvieran en color? Muchos cineastas han pensado lo mismo, lo que ha llevado...

6 mejores programas gratuitos de animación 3D

Trabajar con animación 3D es una de las habilidades más exigentes en el arte contemporáneo, que requiere no sólo conocimientos sobre modelos 3D, sino también una profunda comprensión de la composición...

VSDC 8.3 - Más de 100 plantillas nuevas, ventana del editor de claves, AV1 e interfaz gráfica de usuario mejorada

Bienvenido a la última actualización de VSDC, ¡la versión 8.3! Hemos estado trabajando duro y estamos listos para presentarte una versión repleta de funciones para que descubras una emocionante variedad...

Edición de video gratuita en 2023: desbloquee su creatividad sin romper el banco

En el mundo digital actual, la creatividad reina suprema. Ofrece infinitas posibilidades para que las personas y las marcas cautiven al público y dejen una impresión duradera. Con las plataformas de...

Los Mejores Editores de Video en Línea en 2023: Ventajas y Desventajas

Hoy en día, la popularidad del contenido de video está en constante crecimiento, y muchos usuarios se encuentran en la necesidad de crear videos tanto para uso personal como profesional. Al elegir un...

VSDC 8.2: support for proxy files, keyframes for color correction, and vectorscope

Estamos encantados de presentar la muy esperada actualización 8.2 del editor de video VSDC. Nuestro equipo ha trabajado arduamente para asegurarse de que esta versión esté repleta de emocionantes características...

VSDC 8.1 ofrece Multicámara, Objeto de Líneas Curvas, Efecto de Texto Desplazable y Más

Estamos muy contentos de presentar VSDC 8.1. La mayor parte de las principales características de la nueva versión están dirigidas a videógrafos y diseñadores gráficos profesionales, aunque la actualización...

VSDC 7.2 Lleva su set de herramientas de Correción de Color al siguiente nivel (Además de otras actualizaciones)

Han sido otro par de meses de gran productividad para el equipo de VSDC, y estamos muy contentos de anunciar el lanzamiento de VSDC 7.2, la nueva versión de nuestra suite de edición de video. Aunque...

5 Programas Gratuitos para Corregir el Color en Vídeos

Si eres un creador de vídeos, hay tres razones por las que es crucial aprender la corrección de color. Te ayudará a mejorar tus vídeos y a darles un aspecto profesional. Además, te permitirá ajustar...

Screen Recorder Box

This program allows you to capture the video of your desktop and save it on your PC in various formats. Coupled with a video editor, the program is a great tool for creating presentations, tutorials and demo videos.

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Video Capture Box

El programa de captura de vídeo desde dispositivos externos. Puede guardar vídeo desde sintonizadores de vídeo, cámaras web, tarjetas de captura y otros aparatos.

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