VSDC 6.3.8: User Experience Optimization and Advanced Cropping Tool

The new version of VSDC Free Video Editor addresses the most popular user requests, helps you optimize the process of video editing, and brings a new stylish effect involving cropping and resizing.

Make videos export-ready for your device

This time, enhancements welcome you from the very start. The project settings window popping up while you’re creating a new project now includes a device choice. This new option is designed to save newbies from trouble making up their minds which settings are better for their needs. The dropdown menu envisages the most popular devices and social networks: Android and iOS smartphones, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo.

Benefit from the advanced Crop effect

Cropping settings have been significantly expanded and included to the “Transformations” category as a standalone effect. The new set of parameters allow you to fine-tune video width and height according to the aspect ratio of the original file or the necessary points. In addition to that, the ‘Crop and resize’ mode provides you with the capability to create custom transitions and a smooth zooming effect.

Optimize the Preview window performance

VSDC is known to be able to process large high-quality videos and perform well even on low-end computers. Both factors, however, often result in a lagging video preview. Although it doesn’t affect the outcome quality and only indicates the lack of computer resources, lagging may become quite annoying for a video creator, and in this release, we’re addressing this issue. From now on, you’ll be able to speed up the preview or avoid its freezing by skipping frames in the player – every second frame, for example.

Speed up the post-production process

Few features to save your time while processing a video have also been added to the new version of the editor:

  • Properties can now be saved as a file and imported/exported for future use when needed.
  • The new drag&drop options allow for adding elements much faster to any part of the interface: scene, timeline, or resource window.

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To download the new version of VSDC Free Video Editor, please proceed to www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor.