The profiles functions

Profile – is a set of parameters for the result video. All the parameters influence on the size or/and quality of the video, and also on the rate of conversion. If you want to change standard parameters or add the own ones, you can do it in the "Profile Editor".

The following parameters can be called the basis ones of the Profiles:
Video codec – method of video compression. Codecs are characterized according to the degree of compression video materials (the size of compressed data), the quality of video compression (the quality of the video while playing), and the rate of compression.
Resolution – the size of the picture vertically and horizontally. This is the main parameter responsible for the image definition quality. But, it is necessary to take into consideration, that if the resolution is very big, you need to put big video bitrate, otherwise, the quality will decrease.
Video bitrate – is also the basis parameter that is responsible for the quality of the result video. The higher the parameter, the higher the quality and size of the result file.
Framerate – the number of frames per second. We advise you to leave the framerate of the initial video without changes, or in a different way, you will face the problem of having the picture bouncing.
Audio codec – similarly to video codec.
The frequency and number of channels.
Audio bitrate – similarly to video bitrate.