VSDC Free Video Editor 1.4: In-App Video Capturing Promotes Creativity

January 16, 2014

Flash-Integro announces the new version of its VSDC Video Editor featuring in-app video capturing, the desktop video recorder, and an improved interface. With the support for multiple formats, tons of special effects and super intuitive non-linear editing, the program easily satisfies users' hunger for creativity.

A capable video editor with many one-click functions for every occasion and an easy learning curve is probably a pipe dream of every home user who has ever thought of filming or video editing seriously. And if such an editor was free, that would be fantastic!

VSDC Video Editor aims to fulfill each of those requirements. While being 100% free of charge, this program implements powerful “non-linear” video editing that is not only faster to learn and to work compared to conventional approaches, but also leaves much more space for creativity. The Wizard guides a new user through typical video editing jobs for a really quick start, while tons of advanced options are waiting for the user’s skills to improve. Splitting and merging video pieces, applying spectacular filters and awesome special effects, cutting out unnecessary fragments or changing a video format is a matter of a few clicks with VSDC Video Editor.

In the new version, the interface was adjusted for even easier operation, while the in-app video capturing allows for recording a video directly from a webcam, video tuner, or any other external device connected to the computer, and start editing it right off the bat. Version 1.4 also features a number of bug-fixes and improvements to the built-in desktop video capturing utility for even better recording of what is happening on the desktop or in a given window. In addition, the interface of the program is also available in French now among other supported languages.

“VSDC Video Editor is much more than just another free video editor. We do our best to provide everything a user may need for their home video editing tasks, from the nice and handy interface to the one-click burning of final videos to DVD or Blu-Ray discs”, says a software designer at Flash-Integro “In other words, we try to encourage the creativity of our users”.


Product page: http://www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor