Downloading video files to PC

In the program Video Converter you need to open "Downloader" – utility for downloading Internet video content. In the upper part of the program you will see a field for URL address and right to it a button "Download Now".

Please, enter the URL address into the field: the address of the Internet page where the video you want to download is kept (it is very easy to enter the URL address with the help of the Clipboard).
After that, please, push the button "Download Now!"

The settings panel will be displayed.

There are three options for file downloading:

Start to download immediately
The program begins to download the video file automatically just after it is recognized, regardless whether some other files are downloading now.
Wait until last downloading is completed
The downloading process will wait till the other files will be completely downloaded.
Manual start
Manual start. The program will define the location of the file, but the downloading process will start only after you press the button.

As soon as the program has defined the parameters of the downloaded file, it points the file to "Downloaded list", where you can see the name of the file, its size, loading condition and percentage correlation of downloaded information.