The influence of profiles on the result video

You have already chosen the suitable profile! Now you are lucky to watch what your video will look like after the process of conversion. To perform it, go the window "Preview", which is placed in the main form of Video Converter.

In the player window you can view the video, marked out in the list of opened files. Also, you can realize about the influence of the video correction on the result.

Changing the given parameter, you will observe the grey edges of the video appear or disappear. In the result video these edges will be of a grey color. What is the reason of presence of these edges? It means the following: the chosen resolution or aspect does not correspond to the initial video, and, as a result, the picture from the initial video will fit into in the result one.  

Changing this parameter, you will be able to reduce the size of the unnecessary edges, but only because of sacrificing the part of the useful image of the video.