DVD burning

"Burn DVD Video" mode is intended for writing video information on a disc that can be then reproduced on a home DVD-player.

For most of compatibility with standard DVD-players, the mentioned format has some limitations, such as:  
Only file of a DVD format can be written on a disc; that is why, if you, for example, have a wmv file and want to watch it on your TV with a DVD-player, you need, previously, convert this video file into a DVD format and the result video write on a disc.
While choose a DVD format, two folders named "VIDEO_TS" & "AUDIO_TS" are created automatically. Video or DVD format data (files: Video_ts.ifo, video_ts.vob,video_ts.bup…) should be added to the folder "VIDEO_TS", but "AUDIO_TS" is left empty.