How to Edit GoPro Videos with VSDC Free Video Editor?

Have some exciting GoPro footage and want the easiest way to edit it?

At first import your videos from the GoPro camera or any other action camera. You can add your videos in the editor clicking “Import content” in the main menu.

If it’s necessary you can rotate your video. To rotate it, use a 90-degree button in the toolbar.

Discrete 90 degree rotate

You can apply the rotating effect as well. Click “Transforms” in “Video effect” and select “Rotate”.

Add smooth rotation effect

Then set a rotating angle.

Set start value degree and end value degree value into rotate effect

If you want to crop your footage, click a right mouse button and select “Crop Borders”.

Crop custom video region

To make your video more spectacular, slow down the most amazing moments. In the beginning split the video into fragments and select the part that will be slowed down.

Set cursor position into timeline

Then go to the “Properties” window and adjust the speed.

Set video playback speed

Besides, you can play backwards best moments. Select “Yes” in the “Play backwards” option.

Video playback backward

Now it’s time to spice up your GoPro video with some atmospheric music. If you don’t need the original audio track in the video click “Don’t use audio” in front of “Audio track”.

Turn off audio track

Then click “Audio” in “Add objects” and choose the audio file you want to use.

Add audio material to video editor

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.