Opening video file in the application

Before you want to start converting or editing the file, it should be opened in Video Converter. To open the file, please follow one of the ways:

1) Pressing the button "Open files…", you can open one or some files in Video Converter.

2) Pressing the button "Add files" (on the panel it looks like "+"), you will add one or several files to the opened ones.

3) While pushing the right mouse button on the list of the opened files, the menu will appear, where you can choose one of the actions:

  • to add video file

  • to add DVD

  • to delete file from the list of converted ones

  • to delete all the files.

By means of this menu, you can begin to play the video, suspend it or stop at all. To get  more interested information, click "Information".

4) Also you can open video files from main menu (that will be appeared after clicking on application icon):

All the opened video files are shown in the list "Source files":

In this list you can choose the file for both: deleting it from Video Converter or playing it.