How to Make Transitions Smoother Using Bezier Curves

Bezier curves have many uses in video editing, one of which we already explored in our quick guide to drawing shapes. This time, we’ll show you how to use Bezier curves in so-called “easing curves” – the tool allowing you to control how long it takes a transition to kick in or fade out.

Please note that editing transitions along Bezier curves is only available in the Pro version of VSDC.

Step 1: Import your footage and add a transition

Making smooth transitions with the Bezier curve is a simple process. First, import your video file to the project. If you already have a blank project opened, you can just drag the video file onto the timeline. Next, add a transition. For this tutorial, we will be using the Wipe transition, but you can choose any of the ones available in the Templates window.

Step 2: Apply transition curve template

Right-click on the transition effect to open the Properties window. For our example, we’ll be working with Transition levels – the parameter setting the speed of the transition. Right-click on the tiny Parameter change icon next to Transition levels and hover over Templates. Then select “Quad Out.”


How to use bezier curves

There are over a dozen options available in the menu; however, for our example, we need to use a template ending with “Out” because the transition is at the end of the video. Had we placed the transition at the beginning of the video, we would have selected a template ending with “In.”

Step 3: Configure Bezier curve

Once you apply the template, the timeline window will display a graph. The curve on the graph is based on the Transition level values, therefore, by changing this curve, you will be adjusting the pace of the transition.

To get started, find the two control points: one at the beginning of the graph and one at the end of it. These are called “keyframes.” Click on either of the keyframes, and you’ll see a vector. Grab the end of the vector and drag it around: both the length and the angle of the vector change the curve and, thus, the pace of the transition.


To adjust the transition at any specific moment, you can create additional keyframes by double-clicking on the graph. The smoother the curve is, the smoother the transition. The opposite is true: if you create a sharp curve, the pace of the transition will spike accordingly.

Create custom video effects using Bezier curves

Customizing transitions with Bezier curves is easy. You can apply them to any parameter that includes values changing along a curve and achieve outstanding video effects. Furthermore, after creating your ideal transition, you can save it as a template and use it later. Check out a quick tutorial on how to do it.