Process of working with profiles

Besides utilizing standard profiles, you are given an opportunity to use your own ones. Especially for this, you need to choose some format, which profiles you are intending to change, and press the button "Edit Profile…".  Afterwards, you will pass to the "Profile Editor".

"Profile Editor" allows you to change the basis parameters of the profile:

Video codec – has an influence on the quality and the size of the result video, and the rate of conversion.

Resolution – affects on the image definition. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the result video (because of the increasing of bitrate).

Bitrate – influences on the quality and the size of the result video.

Aspect correction – changing this parameter, you will change the way of inserting one picture into the other: the picture can be just stretched/compressed, or only inserted according to the given parameters.

Audio codec – similar to video codec.

Frequency of audio – the higher the parameter, the better the quality of the sound.

The number of channels.

Audio bitrate – similar to video bitrate.

Also, thanks to "Profile Editor", you are lucky to create your own profiles and delete the given ones.

If you press the button "Add profile", you will add a new profile to the end of the profile list. "Insert profile" – add a new profile to the list, but it takes the position after the current one.
"Delete Profile" – deletes the current profile.
To change the current profile you can in the window, where the list of the profiles is performed.

For this purpose you just need to select the one, you would like to edit.  

The sequence of profiles has a real influence on their displaying in the main window of video converter. To change the order of the profiles, you need to use the buttons "Arrow Up" & "Arrow Down".

If you would like to use the changed/new created profile, you need to save it with the help o the button "Save profiles". It is clear, that if you press this button, all the changed that were produced, will be saved. But before pressing the button, you have an opportunity to return the initial profiles, thanks to "Restore profiles".

If you are eager to get back all the initial profiles, just push "Restore defaults".

But remember, that if you press the mentioned button, all the created profiles will be deleted, but the initial – restored.