Editor Scenes

A project may contain one or more scenes with various objects in them:

  • standard objects
  • video effects
  • audio effects

Scene properties:

Title – the title of a scene.

Enabled – this parameter designates whether or not this scene is included into the video.

Scene duration – the duration of a scene.

Automatically calculate – this setting specifies how the scene duration is calculated. Automatic calculation determines the length of a scene by the moment the last object disappears. Manual calculation means the user should control the duration of a scene manually.

Duration – the duration of a scene

Use parent color – this parameter specifies if the scene should use the same background color as its parent or its own color.

Color – the background color of a scene.

Audio volume – sound volume. You can adjust the volume of all sounds in this particular scene. The value adds up to the same parameters in the project’s properties.

This software can be downloaded from Free Video Editor description page.