How to create a film look on a simple video with VSDC Free Video Editor

Even a very simple video can turn out a masterpiece if you add a few details and improvements. This tutorial shows you how you can achieve it by adding black bars, applying RGB filter and using the Gradient tool.

1.      Adding black bars

First, add your video footage.

Create black bars on the scene. You can find different shapes on the left toolbar. In this case, we use a rectangle.

Add black bars

After adding set its size using “Coordinates” in the properties window and make it black.

Set size

Set color

Then select 0.00 in “Coordinates” – “Left” and “Top”.

Set left-Top properties

Duplicate the rectangle, drag the second one to the bottom and set its coordinates.

Set color

Set color

2.      Color enhancement

Now let’s work with color enhancement using available filters.

Add RGB filter. To find this filter, go to “Video effects”, select “Adjustments” and click on “Red/Green/Blue”.

Add any video filters

Looking at the preview select necessary color levels in the properties window on the right.

Preview color levels

Then go to “Video effects” – “Adjustments” – “Hue/Saturation/Value” and select necessary levels as well.

Hue filter

Hue value

3.      Fading

Let’s see how the gradient tool can attach a real cinema look.

Add one more rectangle to the scene and set the same size as the input file has.

Add new rect

Open the gradient settings. Choose “Photographic Toning” in “Templates”.

Gradient settings

Study the available templates.

Gradient templates

Choose “Screen” in blending modes on the timeline.

Blending modes

Indicate the gradient vector dragging the arrow.

Gradient vector arrow

Go back to gradient settings. Looking at the preview select one preset and play with its settings till you achieve a desirable result

Gradient settings

You can get more information about the program on Free Video Editor' description page.