Version 1.2.4

1. Added new transition effects:

  • Fade FX - fade-out/fade-in effect that gradually changes the opacity of areas defined by the template
  • Page Turn - page-flipping effect
  • Clock - fade-out/fade-in effect that follows the motion of an hour hand
  • Diffuse - fade-out/fade-in effect that makes specific points to disappear/appear randomly with varying probability, horizontally or vertically
  • Wipe Checker
  • Wipe Random Strips

2. Added a new group of effects, Special FX, that contains 3 new effects:

  • Fire - creates a fire effect
  • Water - creates an effect of a wave made of falling water drops
  • Plasma - creates a plasma effect

3. Thanks to the new effects, the set of ready templates in the wizard has been considerably expanded with over 70 new templates.

This software can be downloaded from Free Video Editor description page.