VSDC Free Video Editor Summer Release to Add Presets for Audio Spectrum, DeLogo and Quick Filters

June 20, 2018

Everyone remembers that time is money. As always, VSDC team is ready to save your efforts and resources focusing the new version updates on features with a variety of one-click presets and other ways to do frequent tasks much faster.

Audio Spectrum

One of the most recurring demands made by our YouTube channel subscribers has long been Audio Spectrum – a trendy effect that makes a soundtrack literally visual. From now on it’s available in VSDC Free Video Editor allowing users to animate a waveform to the rhythm of music or any other sounds. With a choice of 500 terrific presets YouTubers and other video makers get new opportunities to make a promo video or promote a music album.

Create visual audio spectrum


VSDC Free Video Editor has always boasted a number of options to blur or fade certain elements in a video, for example, undesired logos or watermarks. To make the removal of required particles almost automatic, the DeLogo effect has been added to the Filters section. It is capable of doing the job in a couple of clicks with advanced Blurring and Pixelate presets.

Applicated delogo filter to video

Project packing

This new feature comes in handy for those who need to work with one and the same video project from different PCs or devices. Applying it users can create a single archive with a project file and all its input (raw) resources to save and transfer them to another computer. To find it, please, proceed to the Projects tab.

New template system

Starting this version VSDC users will be given more and more access to a new template system that provides them with more flexibility and choice in their work. Currently ‘Quick filters’ presets are already available for editing to meet any specific needs.

For any questions or recommendations, do not hesitate to drop a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To download the new version of VSDC Free Video Editor, please, proceed to www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor