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Boost your productivity and enhance editing efficiency with our extensive collection of keyboard shortcuts tailored for VSDC Free Video Editor. Download the convenient PDF file and swiftly navigate through various features and commands, streamlining your workflow and elevating your video editing skills to new heights!

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Additionally, VSDC Free Video Editor allows you to customize your desired hotkeys. To do so, simply access the Options menu and navigate to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

In this section, you will discover the available keyboard shortcuts in the editor and learn how to reassign them or create your own combinations. The first field, Keyboard Scheme, is designed for users transitioning from different video editing software. You'll find four pre-defined keyboard shortcut schemes there: Default, Adobe Premier, Filmora, and HitFilm.

A comprehensive list of all available hotkeys can be found in a table at the center of this window. To quickly find the desired keyboard shortcut, use the Shortcuts filter option.

Selecting any command from the table will display its assigned hotkey in the Shortcut for selected commands field. If necessary, you can remove the assigned hotkey using the option of the same name or reassign it in the Press shortcut keys field.

Be cautious that if the new combination is already being used by another action, you will receive a warning in the Shortcut currently used by field.

If you wish to reset the keyboard shortcuts to their default settings, simply click the Reset button next to the Keyboard scheme.

To make this process even more accessible, we have provided a helpful video below, illustrating the entire customization process.